Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So Amanda sent me some pictures yesterday

And I sort of liked them; they are pictures of her school in Vancouver and other places, I liked the school a lot and I thought hey I could be there soon! (I hope).

So anyways I took a French test on Saturday and I don't know if I passed or failed because the teacher is some girl who needs to get laid, seriously she is so uptight and so bitchy she needs to start to respect her elders (ok ok I'm 22 and she is 21 but I'm still older), like one time last saturday she said that we should make an exercise in the cahier de exercises (Student book) and I didn't understand exactly how to make them and neither did other 3 people; when we were talking about how to make it she just snapped and wrote in the blackboard the general model; we are in freaking level 2 and she doesn't have the right to just snap at us like that she is lucky I'm there because I want to learn the language to get thousands of points for my Canadian Immigration Visa or I would have let her have a piece of my mind; why is it that when women are in some sort of authority situation they have to show it?.

Finally, first post :)

Hey there reader, my name is Damian, I'm 22 years old and I'm making this Blog so people can check on the progress that will take me to live here:

Yep, that's Vancouver , BC.

This is me, the guy (not the girl); I'm an Informatics Engineering student at URBE (Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin) in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I'm 22 years old; I speak English, Spanish and I'm taking French classes (So I can score some more points on the Canadian Immigration Skill assesment) currently level deux!. I'm an avid Java programmer, specially on JSP/Servlets and I'm an excellent Linux System Administrator; right now I sort of work for two companies, first my University as a Java Programmer (Although I did quit a couple of weeks ago!) and for FastNetSupport a Canadian (:D) company dedicated in providing quality Support (Level 1/2/3) and System Administration to companies that require it.
What have I done?, I've done many stuff at my first job (URBE), including WAP systems, fixed a lot of issues with the Online Grades, Registry, Information Administrators, Intranet services, etc etc.
So what's the whole deal about this Blog?, primarly so I can check how close I am on completing my objective; a Canadian Immigration Visa so I can live and work in Vancouver :).
Why Canada and not the US?; I've always liked Canada, I've been to the US many times but the whole immigration process to the US is a mess, specially for qualified workers. Figures, they give out hundreds and thousands of Green Cards to Mexicans/Central Americans that are Illegal in the country but they refuse to give them to qualified people (Engineers, Medics, Scientists, etc) or they ask for many paperwork (bureaucreacy). Canada is different, Canadian people are so much different, the arts, science, knowledge is freely distributed, the Goverment isn't out in a quest to piss people off with things like wars, social security, politics, terrorism/anti-terrorism and shit.

I think I've vented enough. I appreciate any comments, and I'll make some more update very soon :)